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It’s not news that inflation has presented significant challenges for Americans, making it harder to stretch their hard-earned dollars. This is where we come in! We’ve uncovered the hidden secrets of money-saving geniuses, from coupon ninjas to DIY divas. We have made it our mission to do the homework for you so that you can make your home work without the extra headache of scouring legit internet sources! Our vision is to empower Americans with easy-to-use hacks that help them save money and navigate these inflationary times more efficiently. Implementing our innovative ideas, you can uncover practical ways to cut costs, find discounts, and make smarter financial decisions, ultimately easing the burden of inflation on your daily life while making it fun!


America saves money
Those rewards points aren’t going anywhere... unless they are. 😳 Today’s money-saving tip is a gentle reminder.

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Summertime means its a great time to take the bike out for a spin! Let’s revisit a few of the many benefits of trying this electrified classic on for size.

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ICYMI - National Outlet Shopping Day is this weekend. Yes, there is a day for everything. Bonus money-saving tip? If you decide to take in your favorite outlets this weekend, be sure to plan ahead and find out which stores are participating and if the mall itself is doing any bonus deals or coupons mall-wide. Some mall brands are offering savings guides and exclusives. Don’t miss out!

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That tax-refund burning a hole in your pocket? Let’s chat about the best ways to put that bonus cash from Uncle Sam to good use with today’s money-saving tip.

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🎶 This water is spaaaarkling 🎶 - and also much cheaper than buying it in the store. Find out why a SodaStream or similar product might be the ticket to savings this summer. Here’s to being less #thirsty.

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The average middle-class family in America spends a significant portion of their income on utilities. Now it is time to turn on the savings! Unleash your inner energy detective and discover how to conquer the energy-hogging monsters lurking in your home. Your monthly bills won’t know what hit them. And who said homeowners have all the fun? Our exclusive tips for renters will have you saving stacks of cash without annoying the landlord. Apartment living just got a whole lot more economical and exciting! Effective budgeting and energy-saving measures can help families in their efforts to save money on utilities.
Ready to cruise down highway number thrifty too? It is no surprise that transportation costs and the price of gas in the US can be quite burdensome for families, often causing significant stress. What’s more even more frustrating is that gas prices tend to fluctuate frequently, resulting in unpredictable expenses for households. That is why we bring you the best, tried-and-true hacks to lower your commute and transportation costs. Get in, we’re going to savings-ville!
The United States has experienced a significant surge in housing costs, with both rental and purchasing prices soaring to unprecedented levels. Simply put, the land of the free and the home of the brave has gone wild with housing costs lately! America Saves Money is committed to being your ultimate partner in tackling the housing crisis – one affordability hack, one clever tip at a time. We’ll join forces, spread the word, and make (at least some aspects of) housing affordable again! 

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